Widget as Screen Banner: 1 by 4 icons possible?

Hello again, i have organized my phone as follows:
1 screen with icons only for running purposes
1 screen with icons only for groceries

1 screen with company icons
So each screen is a Topic screen.
Now I want to create for each screen a Transparent Widget as header - kind of banner -, only… I wonder if it is possible to create a widget of 1 by 4 icons, in stead of 2 by 4 icons?
As example i use currently Widgetsmith, with a photo, but i could easily create a scriptable with text header as input.

No, it’s not possible. IOS doesn’t have a 1x4 widget size for Scriptable or any app.

Thought so. Wanted to be sure…And a background per screen is also not possible… gonna think of something else for naming each Topic screen.

You can sort of fake it though with medium size widget. Top part of the widget will be text and bottom part would be icons with tap areas.

And a background per screen is also not possible

It can be. Make the title as a widget parameter. then the name background file same as the title so you can load dynamically.

I think he meant a separate background image that you set in the iOS settings app or from the photos app.
No that’s also not possible.

Solved it like this: