Widget Access to Calendar Not Granted

Using widget created by Max Zeryck @mzeryck to display calendar events, but widget will only display error: “ access to the calendar not granted. Grant access in system settings.” And when I go to Settings > Privacy the Scriptable App is not listed. Any guidance as to next steps is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

That’s my bad! iOS only shows permissions in settings once apps ask for them. Because I had been testing my script for so long, I didn’t realize this step needed to be taken for others who use the code.

To fix it, open the script in the Scriptable app. At the top, change const TEST_MODE = false to const TEST_MODE = true , then run the script (play button icon). At that point it’ll prompt you to give calendar access, and then show a preview of the widget. After you’ve done that, you can change it back to const TEST_MODE = false and then add the script to the widget. Hope that helps!

That worked! Thank you!

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