Why Was Launch Center Pro Abandoned?

When Launch Center Pro arrived on the scene, it was lauded by Mac gurus all around (Snell, Gruber, Vitticci etc) and written up in the mainstream press (NY Times, The Verge, Lifehacker etc). For years it was regarded as a must have app for automation fans and a while bunch of people learned about x-callback URLs and other tricks from using it. Now it hasn’t been updated in three years and although many of its actions still work with built in and older apps, a whole generation of new apps aren’t compatible. A similar app, Launcher is still going strong, demonstrating a market for automation apps. What happened? Does anyone know the story?

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If I recall, Launch Center Pro’s best feature was working with app URL schemes. Unfortunately those aren’t as popular anymore thanks to Shortcuts. Likewise, being able to add Shortcuts to the Home Screen also reduces the need for custom launcher apps. Not that such an app isn’t useful anymore, but maybe the developer doesn’t feel it’s worth the effort anymore?

I’ve been asking myself that same question for years. The last time the app got some attention was when “aesthetic” home screens were trending and the developer was one of the first to implement icon creation using Launch Center Pro. Loads of videos showing how to do it on YouTube.
I still use it for some speed app launching, though.