Why am I not able to fire my Shortcut automation in the background?

One thing I’ve found frustrating recently is when triggering automation to start a Timery timer when opening specific apps. I’ve noticed that unlike before, it’s taking me into shortcuts and leaving me in there. Previously it would just fire the shortcut in the background and start the timer. I’m not sure what’s happened and why.

Is this happening to anybody else?

When the automation runs do you get notified to run the shortcut?

Yes, and it always used to ask me… But what it’s now doing is taking me to the shortcuts app and showing me the running timer and staying there!

What it used to do was just start the timer in the background and the world was shiny and good.

Now I have to physically come out of the App and physically stop the timer. It’s all very annoying.

My issue is that I don’t know why it has changed and I’m wondering if it’s something that I have done or if it’s some update that has made this happen.