Which Watch is which?

With the expanded triggers (and importantly, the ability to run without asking), I thought I’d revisit triggers in shortcuts.

I have two apple watches, a series 5 (main watch), and a series 2 (Night watch… aaa-aaah!)

I wanted to do things like

  1. check which watch I have on when a trigger occurs (as each is slightly different)… can I? Not that I can see.

  2. Check status of alarms and set alarms on watch… Don’t think I can do that either

  3. Even ‘set a face’ fails if wearing the ‘wrong’ one.

Of the above, 1) would help 3)… but 2) would be nice!

Any thoughts?

Could you time base anything? After 9 PM and before 6 AM assume night watch, otherwise day watch? If not, how about a shortcut you trigger manually when you swap watches that pops the necessary ID in Data Jar and you reference that?

There’s nothing to auto feed the data to Shortcuts, so you need to introduce something manual to do the check.

Because you can’t retrieve alarms data, I think you are probably at an impasse on that one