When did Siri get “ask” capabilities?

Long story short - I have a shortcut I created that asks mileage, miles, etc when I fill up gas and it logs to a google sheet. It creates modal dialogs and asks for text responses. I can never find the shortcut button, so today I decided I would just ask Siri for it assuming it would easily locate the shortcut and launch it. Nd the familiar dialog would appear that I type in - today Siri asked questions and waited for my response for each of the dialog.

This blew my mind! I have been waiting for this capabilities for so long. When did this happen? I guess I should add I am on DevBeta track but I don’t keep up with the change logs.

I think iOS 13 brought this feature.

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Thanks! Clearly, I missed a meeting.

Any chance you can share the shortcut?

Sure it’s nothing fancy and could use some polish. What’s the best way to share a shortcut?

Use the share sheet to get an iCloud link and then post the link here. Just ensure it contains nothing that you are not happy sharing in a public forum before you copy the link. If it does, duplicate the Shortcut in the app, sanitise it, then share it,

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That reminds me: The Very Very Big Corporation :slight_smile: has just started using Trello. I created a simple Shortcut to add a Trello card to a user-selected list. It was to show the possibilities to an audience that doesn’t know Shortcuts. @sylumer you just told me how to share that shortcut on Slack with them. Thanks!