When app is opened Siri asks a question

Hey there, I am just wondering if it is possible for Siri to ask me a question when I open an app? For example I want it to ask me “Do I need this? When I open the amazon app. If I click yes it will open the app. If I click no it will close it without showing me the app.

Is this possible?

Not able to test it at the moment, but you may find this just sits in a loop as opening the app in the first place would run the “Are you sure” Shortcut. If you answer yes and it tries to open the app, it will just trigger the question again. You could do it from a Shortcut on the home screen, but not by opening the app directly.

There may be a way to get around it, but none that spring to mind at the moment if you want to initially trigger from the actual app and not a Shortcut.

I see. Yeah that makes sense when you say it. Thanks for replying! :grinning: