What's the best way to send Shortcuts feedback to Apple?

I’ve moved off the beta now, which removes the Feedback app from the system. Apple’s own feedback page doesn’t list Shortcuts (or even iOS) as an option, and nor does the Apple developer feedback assistant (at least not that I could find). So what’s the best way to send feedback? Should I just go back on the beta and use the Feedback app?

And of course the moment I posted that, I checked the developer page again and found Shortcuts in the list, which for some reason isn’t alphabetical, just mostly alphabetical.


Thanks for those links. I have used them to feed back that automatic triggers should be, well, automatic…

… and to suggest some new triggers:

  1. Trigger by calendar event (monitoring specific calendar(s))
  2. Trigger by change to/creation of a file visible to the ‘files’ app (be that file in Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud whatever)
  3. Being able to put shortcuts into subfolders

(and the one that is a big ask…)
4) A MacOS app for big screen shortcuts editing, that syncs back to iOS for running/testing

I also requested that on screen rotation I should be able to toggle a setting to have icons ‘rotate in place’ rather than move around. I.e. rotate on the spot only.

I made a new thread on this to get more attention, but you can open the Apple Feedback app via Shortcuts: