What to use for scheduling uploads to an API?

I need to upload files to the API of a custom LMS system every few days.

Integromat could do this, but I’d quickly hit the data transfer limits (I’m uploading ~5 videos per week between 500mb and 1.5gb).

Is this something Node Red would work for? Or am I better off writing a Python script?

Thanks in advance!

You can do it with either so just pick the one you feel best in. Personally for these types of tasks I prefer Python.

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What would be the trigger for kicking off the upload? I think that might determine which tools to use.

(You might have a lot of flexibility in how to initiate but I’m hoping the answer to this question will narrow down the options.)

Thanks for your reply. It’s a date / time trigger (2 times per week)

So I would break this into two parts:

  1. Triggering - with whatever capabilities your OS has. (Mac or iOS, by the way?)
  2. Doing the PUT/POST (or maybe GET). At least on Mac your choices include Python (requests or urllib) and curl. curl is less complex, by the way.