What is something clever you've made in Shortcuts recently?

I’m curious about anything interesting anybody has made recently in Shortcuts.

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An automation that sends whatsapp messages written by chatgpt on the spot automatically to people that filled out a facebook lead ad form and were sent to my crm and then to my shortcut.

So: Facebook form > CRM > Shortcut > chatgpt > whatsapp

It’s like a branche of my sales funnel

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Sounds quite clever! How well is it going? I know there are issues with WhatsApp’s integration when using a variable as the number to send the message to. But maybe you haven’t seen that issue?

Had to figure out how it works in the beginning, but now it’s working perfectly. Haven’t had issues ever since.

Oh wow! I continue to receive an error message mentioning iMessage activation when I try to use a variable as an input for the recipient on the WhatsApp action. Sounds like you haven’t seen this like many others have?

I do get error notifications, but the messages are being sent anyway

Wow that’s interesting. So you get the iMessage activation message but it sends anyway?

Can you give a clue as to how you send messages automatically with WhatsApp?

I found that using the send message action (for WhatsApp) works when I’m not specifying my own number as the variable to send to. I tried using a created vCard to do it too and that worked also but still not to my own number. Sometimes I’ve seen it error even with other numbers though but as of the latest updates it seems to be working (for me)

I’m asking because the send message via WhatsApp on my iPhone opens the conversation with the message filled in but it doesn’t send it. What do you do for it to send the message?

There should be a show when run toggle if you expand the message. If you disable that, it should send right away