What is "Key" in "Open Draft" action in Shortcuts?

I’m building a shortcut to open a particular draft in Drafts and one of the parameters is “key”. What is this parameter for? I can’t seem to find a documentation for it, mainly because of the immensely frustrating habit of Apple and other developers to name their products with common words (shortcut, mail, numbers, pages, drafts, etc.). All the results of my searches are too generic and don’t have an answer. Thanks.

The key is a security feature which you could optionally enable in Drafts 4. Then drafts would only run the action if the right key was sent.


Thank you!

By the way, Rose, I’ve been modifying your Taskpaper to Omnifocus Drafts script. I have five projects that I have to re-create constantly. I removed some of the variables (hard coding where to save the projects and what to do after the script has run) and creating five copies of the script, which I’m now putting into shortcuts in order to create a home screen shortcut menu for creating the Omnifocus projects based on the latest episode of Automators. So thank you for creating that in the first place and the idea to make this more specific to me. :slight_smile: