What does "Combine Text" do?

I’m really sorry for newbie questions, but I have done google searches and search on this forum and can’t find an explanation.

My question is if someone can explain what the Combine Text action does. I get the Split text, it takes the input and breaks it down in different units but what about Combine Text? I am trying to recreate a Shortcut that I found here and am not understanding the Combine Text. For instance Combine Text with a separator of “&”?

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated, I’m a little slow.

For instance, this simple shortcut. I see what Split Text is doing, but combine text doesn’t seem to do anything no matter what I set the separator as.


It ‘concatenates’ strings of text - it joins strings of text together with a common combining string in between.

In your shortcut every word and hyphen is returned on its own line as you effectively replaced every space with a new line.

Have you put a “Show Result” on the end of the Shirtcut to actually display what you are getting?

As @sylumer says, your Shortcut replaces all the “ “ with newline. In my second example, I’ve changed it to &