What do you think of the right-click menu on Mac?

When compared with Windows, I find the right-click operation on macOS a bit difficult to use. For instance, when you click on any empty space in a folder or on the Mac’s desktop, you cannot find the option to create a new file. Additionally, there’s no direct option to copy/move files to a different location from the right-click context menu. A friend of mine suggested using additional apps like iBoysoft MagicMenu to simplify these tasks since it can create new files, copy/move files, and quickly access frequently used items.

I’m curious about how you feel regarding this issue.

  • I’m okay with the right-click menu as it is.
  • I know how to improve the functionality. (It would be great if you could share any additional apps, keyboard shortcuts, etc).

You can also use Better Touch Tool to make the right mouse button do whatever you want.