Weird Tales of setting up an Aqara FP2

I had an interesting experience while trying to set up my Aqara FP2 in Home Assistant. It had already been workign in Homekit. But in the process of moving it to Home Assistant on my HA Yellow, things got messed up and I had to reset it and start over.

The only problem was that no matter what I did, I could not get it to connect. I tried every trick I could find online but nothing worked. So I contacted Best Buy and asked for a return. When the new FP2 arrived, It acted exactly like the one I already had.

Then it occured to me that for installing a Sky Connect on a Home Assistant Yellow, you need to connect it to the USB port via a USB cable rather than plugging it in directly to the device. And it occured to me that maybe it’s the radios in the Home Assisstant Yellow that were interfereing with the FP2.

I took it to another part of the house, and was able to set it up no problem. So I did the same with the other FP2 and it worked too! So I called BestBuy and told them I wanted to keep both, and they charged me $76 for the replacement. (Saving $20, lucky it was on sale!). So if you’re having problems with seting up a WIFI device in the same room as you’re running your Home Assisstant Yellow, try doing it farther away.

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