Weebly and Workflow or Siri Shortcuts?

Does anyone know of a way to create new blog posts on a Weebly site by using Workflow? I’m not sure how automator friendly Weebly is - its a service I’m looking into as their app on iPad looks to be a solid option for simple sites.

The app doesn’t look like it has a URL scheme. The REST API requires you to encode requests with a key, using SHA256. Workflow and Shortcuts both have a generate hash action that supports SHA256. So you should be able to put something together that uses that that would allow you to interact with Webly via the API.

Fantastic thanks - I’ll do a bit of research into that! Appreciate the help.

All seemed good, but I’ve been browsing the API docs and I can’t see any reference to actually creating a new blog post. Only working with existing posts. Hopefully I’m just missing something obvious.

Looking at their language libraries on GitHub, there are references to language specific calls to create / make blog posts, but all the API docs they reference are no longer available on the Weebly DEV site :persevere:

Might be worth reviewing what one of the Github projects is doing in regards to the request if you don’t find anything in the API docs.