Webhook - Dynamic title and text?

Instead of using API, Isn’t possible to add title and text (and icon etc) to webhook? Like …



Not instead of. You should be sending it via the web API, which is accessible as a web hook (it’s a web API after all), but you must send the text as a JSON payload as per the docs (post notification). It does not support URL parameters. You would have to write and host your own that did in order to relay that on to the official API.

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I always felt this was something that PushCut needed to address, in general liberalising acceptable parameters.

I have at least one automation where I’ve had to expose a Raspberry Pi to the web just to act as a parameter marshal.

And most people won’t do that.

I know @sliemeobn is aware I feel this way.

What is the reason for not wanting to implement title, text etc. parameters?

When I use iOS shortuts, I can’t in the URL-address apply JSON “body”. With url parameters (title, text, icon etc), it will work perfectly.

There could be several legitimate reasons I could offer, but I don’t develop the app, so I cannot give you a reason. But do note that nowhere has it been stated that the ‘do not want’ to create such an option; only that it is not given as an option in the documentation.

No, but you could populate the JSON, so I’m not sure what the underlying restriction would be for that use case.