Web Service API that acts like a simple data store?

Is there a Web Service that functions as a simple data store for retrieving and storing text, numbers, booleans, lists, and arbitrary JSON, etc.? Something like Data Jar (for Shortcuts) but web-based?

Data Jar is really just a database with some UI and integration around it. To that end, I would imagine AirTable would be able to meet the data storage requirements from a web service perspective.

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I’d also suggest Airtable. You can use the long text to store JSON.

Thanks @sylumer. I set up a simple Airtable DB and this appears to work.

@RosemaryOrchard Have you use Airtable, Homebridge, Homebridge Virtual Switches and Home Automations with your automation projects? I know you have plenty of Pushcut notifications set up, but having shortcuts run automatically based on these triggers might be of interest to you. Went down a rabbit hole after listening to the later Automators episode.

I’ve not yet added Airtable to that particular area of my life. But you may have just given me an idea :thinking: