Water Reminder and logger


At the moment, Scriptable got the notification API, I got the idea of a water reminder because I know I drink too little. So I made this script to get a notification every hour, but keep it customiseable. The feature list has been growing since then and now reached a point where I’m satisfied to release it :slight_smile:

It’s features are:

  • Highly customiseable (interval of notifications, repeated notifications if I haven’t responded, sound, preset list of how much you want to write down,…)
  • Works completely in notifications, no need to open the app
  • Supports multiple languages & easily add new ones (currently supported: English, German)
  • Deletes the data after 2 days, which is stored locally in the documents directory of Scriptable

This uses optionally moment.js, which can be installed with my import-moment script


Well, it seems like I forgot to me the most important feature: The data is stored locally and is overwritten after 2 days.

Shortcuts can also log your water intake to Health, but there is no option to bulk delete it. Also, Shortcuts can’t schedule notifications. These are the two main reasons I made this script :wink:

I’ve added support to also log the water intake with Siri. How to set it up is described in the comment at the top of the script.

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