Watch OS 7 notification

Since watch os7, using an old S3 and a new S6, notifications are not displaying actions. I receive the notification but nothing happens when I press it. Did I miss something ?

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I am not aware of any general issues there - things should work just find with watchOS 7.

Is it possible that the Pushcut watch app has not yet installed on the watch after the update or something in this direction?

Well at first the pushcut app was not installed, then it was a bit difficult to have the pushcut app paired but then with watch & iphone restarted, there is no more warning from pushcut so it looks like it is paired correctly.

But I still have the problem, although the watch app now says “ready for notifications”, when a notification comes, no actionnable actions…scratching my head ! Anything to perform on the ipad server side ?

what kind of actions are you using? please be aware that you cannot run Shortcuts and “URL actions” directly on the watch.

and since you mentioned an iPad as “server side”: if you want to trigger a shortcut on the automation server, please make sure to select the type “Server” in the action editor.

hope that helps!

It’s server actions and it was working fine until watch os 7 (and ios 14).

Here is screen captures of action setup and iPhone vs Watch notification (both expanded)

I am having this same issue on watchOS 7. The notification expands correctly on the phone but I am presented no options on the watch and the default action will also not fire. Did anyone come across a solution? Thanks!

No, I still have the problem… @sliemeobn ?

sorry to disappoint, but I still don’t have a lot of insight of why this is happening.

I cannot reproduce that behavior in my testing, and so far I could not find anything obvious on my end that could cause this either.

The next update will be built against the new watchOS / iOS SDKs, maybe that improves the situation…

I do have the same issue, I get the notification to my apple watch, but they don’t contain any actions, even though those actions run HomeKit scenes.

Stumbled into this problem too. What I have noticed is that when I initiate the push via webhook, the options are displayed. With local pushes, only the iPhone shows the options.