Want to add a smart garage door opener. Should I wait for Matter?

I want to add a smart garage door opener to our 2-car 2-door garage. I’d like to know if they’re open or closed and be able to open and close them remotely. It’d also be nice to be able to use them within Shortcuts.

Ideally, it’d be nice to have a camera in there, but I think that can be an add on later.

There are so few I find that are labeled to work with HomeKit. Should I wait for Matter? or does that matter at all?

Having Matter is a good criteria for buying HE devices; the downside is that you have to wait for the device manufacturers to implement Matter. This may be particularly true for garage doors, since in the US at least there is one dominant manufacturer (Chamberlain / Liftmaster.) The Chamberlain group is listed on the Connectivity Standards Alliance participant page, so there may be hope.

That said, I have the Liftmaster MyQ HomeKit integration via WiFi and it has been very reliable on HomeKit.


Have you been able to get MyQ to automatically open as you’re getting home?

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I’ve been wondering this as well but am considering getting some Switchbot smart switches and some door sensors in the meantime. The switch bots can press the button to open and close the garage door and the sensors can tell me if the door is open or closed. I haven’t tried this yet but it may be a good workaround.

Apologies for the delay in replying. Unfortunately, I don’t have the garage door open automatically when I get home.

I do have another door unlock when I get home, and I have no reason to think the garage could not be handled the same way. However, keep in mind that the Homekit and the Home app requires a button press on a trusted device to operate locks, so that automation for hands-free unlocking runs in Home Assistant, which in turn has a good integration with Homekit for Siri voice command and Shortcut automations.

I use the Meross one - just installed it - It is an add on but very simple. Essentially it is a momentary switch, and has a magnetic door sensor that you install on the doors to tell if it is opened or closed.

Meross operates on WiFi. I have some of their outisde switches as well. All have been rock solid.

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