VPN activation based on geolocation?

It’s rather easy to activate/deactivate a (preconfigured) VPN when leaving/returning to home in a one-action shortcut.
However, iOS just shows a notification with an arrow that has to be tapped. After that another tap on a “Run” button has to be made.

This is really annoying.

Is there really no way to activate a VPN when leaving home – without any further interactions?

I haven’t found any configuration switches that would help here, neither in the Shortcuts app nor in the Shortcuts settings.

Could a profile created in Apple Configurator do the trick? :flushed:

Thanks for any hints/tips/help! :blush:


It’s not geolocation, but does have a similar effect: I use VPN On Demand, to turn on VPN when I’m on a WiFi that’s not my home network.

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