Voice Control and Dictation

Hi all,

After listening to the latest fun Automators podcast, I took another look at Mac Voice Control after my favorite Sal Soghoian mentioned how he was using it.

I have been doing Mac dictation with voice control for a while now, however never looked too deeply at the vocabulary or the commands sections.

For me, I have had issues with certain words not printing as I would like. Several times I have tried putting the proper spelling and capitalization in the vocabulary area, however it never worked very well for me at all.

However now I tried to get this set up using the commands section. I will say that this seems to work much better if you handle things carefully.

  • I create a new command

  • when I say ZZZ in any application

  • perform: paste text = ZZZ

  • One of the words I consistently had problems with was = Filemaker

Whenever I said those words it would:

  • print like = file maker
  • but I wanted = Filemaker

As mentioned the vocabulary Area would never address this - however the custom commands area does work quite well.

  • there is one big trick to getting this working: if you are speaking a regular sentence - in order to get it to realize you were speaking a command you must pause at least one second before you say the command word, otherwise the command will not get picked up. This is something to get used to but not a big deal once you do.

For anyone interested on Mac Dictation - you might give this a try.

Hope this helps - Dave

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