Viewing AppleScript dictionary documentation on an iPad

When I’m programming, I like to have documentation open on my iPad while the coding is being done on the Mac. This works well for most programming languages/libraries, but not for AppleScript, where the documentation is mostly in dictionaries that are accessed through Script Editor or Script Debugger, which uses up space on the Mac’s screen.

Yes, I can use Sidecar, but I’d rather have my iPad in portrait mode when reading. Also, I find Sidecar controls to be a poor amalgam of Mac and iPad UI.

I can print dictionaries as PDFs from Script Editor and save them to iCloud, which lets me access them from my iPad. This is OK, but there’s no linking in the PDFs, and jumping around in the documentation is very useful in AppleScript.

So with that throat-clearing out of the way, here’s my question: Does anyone know of a utility that will convert AppleScript dictionary documentation into HTML?

The documentation is kept in .sdef files that are typically saved inside the Resources folder of an app’s .app package. These files are in XML format, so I could probably write the conversion myself, but I’d rather use a tool written a more competent programmer. Any ideas?

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