Video tutorial on controlling macOS applications with MFC Deck

Another video tutorial showing how to control macOS apps with MFC Deck using the MFC Deck Key Command shortcut or Keyboard Maestro.


@adamtow MFC Deck is really cool!!! I have much more to explore, but the ability to trigger Keyboard Maestro macros alone has made MFC Deck well-worth the modest cost for the In-App purchase.

Initially I’ve enjoyed the combination of MFC Deck and Keyboard Maestro while using Zoom and Screenflow. This enables me to use my iPad somewhat like a Stream Deck at a fraction of the cost and without adding another device to my desk.

Note: There is one minor (and known) issue triggering Keyboard Maestro actions remotely. This has only been an occasional problem for me and it has always cleared by stopping and restarting the Keyboard Maestro engine.