Variable workflow

@MacSparky I watched tour 2017 CMD-D video on workflow I thought it was very good. I’m very new to this stuff. My question is what is a variable???

This week’s episode talks about what a variable is!

Basically, a variable is a temporary container - only good for the duration of the Workflow or script is running (every time the automation, the variable starts empty), it’s giving a name to something so you can find it again :slight_smile:

(You could think of it as the index in an encyclopaedia, with the name of the thing, you get the location.)

Here’s the page on variables from the Workflow documentation.

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If anyone else want to look at the videos from CMD-D 2017, they are here:

The video the @Jjm mentioned is at the end of the page.

@MacSparky I just watched this video today too. Was a great video on workflow foundations. Even having used it for a while was fun following along and making those workflows as you showed them