Using workflow app to create a gif with text

Hi. I know you can create a gif from a photo burst. However, looking to create with gif from a photo burst and add text to it.

Does anyone know of a way to do this easily rather than adding it to every photo individualy?

That needs to be exactly how it’s done. Every frame in the gif needs to have it set, though there is technically a whole thing in the file format about unchanging pixels.

But the point is, even if you need to split and add text to each frame, you can automate it so you only enter the text once.

Try this workflow as a starting point.

Hope that helps.


Thanks! - I thought i might have to add per frame. But to automate this will be great. Thanks for sharing!

That’s pretty handy. I thought it would be a relatively easy task to convert this to work with a Live Photo but my results aren’t animated. Perhaps I’m missing something though as I am pretty tired.

You can always post here with any issues, but I’d need more information to figure out what’s going on.

The principle is split the burst into frames, create a blank image the same size, add text to that blank image, overlay it on every frame and then recombine the frames into an animated GIF.

It worked for my testing, but if there’s no animation I’d start by putting in a display of the count of the number of frames I’m repeating on. E.g. Put a quick look after the repeat and you should get to see every frame.

Is this possible to do with video to gif?

A video is simply a series of images. Consider what would happen if you did something like this…

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