Using Siri on an iPad

I think there will be MANY here who can answer this question for me.

On my ipad, how do I get Hey Siri to be activated by anyone’s voice when locked (and plugged in), not just mine?

My uncle gave us an old iPad. It’s in awesome shape as I don’t think he ever used it lol. However, its old enough that it no longer receives updates so I can’t install Chrome on it.

That said, what I would love to do is use it as a poor man’s Home Assistant (since this iPad was free) and leave it upstairs primarily for my kids to tell sir to keep time when they brush teeth.

I have it set so that Hey Siri works even when locked (as long as it’s plugged in), but The problem is that she seems to respond to my voice only.

To be sure, this is using an account I created purely for this ipad (only my wife uses iPhone and she would rather keep those devices 100% separated).


I think it was iOS8 that introduced “Hey Siri”, and iOS9 that introduced the tying of it to a single user. Therefore I think you would have to get the iPad onto iOS8, or just rely on the button press to activate for all but one user.

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Thanks for your reply! I checked and this iPad is “up to date” with 10.3.3 (lol, which I take to mean that it’s as up to date as it can be).

Any thoughts now that it’s a bit further along the line than you’d thought?

Only press the button or try and figure out how to roll it back. I didn’t really expect it to be so old as to still be on iOS8, more suggesting you might need to get it back to that if possible; and I’m not sure how possible that would be without a good deal of hoop jumping.

Maybe a cheap kitchen timer might be the best toothbrushing timer solution? Water, toothpaste and iPad’s I don’t think are a great combination for the long term. :wink:

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Bummer. I see what you’re saying about the update. Oh well, the button will still work. Not nearly as fun as a kitchen timer, but at least they can still electrocute themselves. Lol (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

But thanks. That insight on the updates was really helpful and I get why Apple wouldn’t see any reason to create a dated feature allowing a PERSONAL device to respond to anyone’s voice which nobody is asking for except those who are trying to hack out a useable existence for them once they’ve been effectively bricked. Oh well. :confused: