Using Shortcuts to Markup a PDF

I need to approve a lot of invoices that arrive as individual PDFs. I would like to add my signature, the word “approved” and the date. I want the shortcut to open one (or more) PDFs, append the “approval” and then save the file back to files.

Seems simple, right? There is even a markup action. But when I use it, it will not apply the desired markup to the PDF I had opened with the Open File command. It just adds the markup to a blank sheet.

Any assistance in what I may be missing here would be greatly appreciated!

(This has got to be an issue @MacSparky would have some thoughts on! :wink:)

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(Sorry for the late response.)

I haven’t played with this much myself, but having a look just now it looks like the action you want might be “Overlay Image”. You could use an image file containing the word ‘Approved’ (maybe you could generate this in Shortcuts, though I haven’t played around with that) and the PDF file (input) as the variables, and if you toggle off the ‘Show Image Editor’ option you can set the position/size/rotation/opacity to where you want them.


I have the same exact need. I tried (with limited success) to implement this on PDFpen on my mac, but it would be awesome to also be able to do this from iOS

I have this same situation. I’m trying to add my signature and date to PDF’s. Does anyone have any workflows for this?