Using shortcuts to get Calendar events

I’m trying to get events from a particular calendar and placing them in a document ready for printing.

I’m a teacher and would like to print a social with my lessons for the day where I can write some notes of what I have planned.

Is this possible with shortcuts?

In general, yes. But the crux of this comes down to what you mean by “document”. Where do you want to edit your notes?

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As long as it’s editable the document can be on any app. Apple notes for example.

Take a look at this Events Summary Example I put together.

It fetches today’s events from my test calendar (modify this to match your preferred calendar), iterated through each of the events it finds and pulls out some example details of those events. You would modify the line in the loop that builds the event lines to include the data you are actually interested in.

The list of resulting information is then combined into a text block along with some sample headings. Finally this is used to create a new note.

Hope that helps.

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This is perfect. many thanks for the help!!