Using Pushcut to Open Duet to use Iphone as second monitor

Ahoy! Obligatory “I’m new plz be nice”

I’m using duet as a second monitor connected to my Windows PC. So, because I have the phone attached to the wall anyway I’m using it as my server. This seems to be working fine. The server continues to run in the background as long as I manually set everything up.

My problem arises when I use my main phone to run the Pushcut automation. That sends to the server. Runs the shortcuts I need on the server. Resulting in Duet being opened. YAY!

But… Immediately after I’m hurled back to Pushcuts server screen. I’ve looked through settings and such but couldn’t find a way to turn this off.

Am I being silly? Is this obvious? Oh wise Automation sages, help me. For I am young and blind.

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TL;DR - by design.

It sounds like you have your “main” phone and you are using this to trigger a shortcut via Pushcuts on your “server” phone, which is also the phone you are using for a second monitor via Duet.

The Pushcuts server I think requires foreground activity, otherwise the OS will put its usually sleep constraint on it after about 10-15 mins (that’s what it used to be at least) in the background. Only things like mapping and audio playback from third party apps get to have background processing.

This means that if something did run on the “server” iPhone and did not return to Pushcuts, Pushcuts would more or less become a one shot use requiring manual intervention to restart. The design is such that it should always return Pushcuts to the foreground.

Hope that helps.


That is exactly the type of feedback I needed. Thank you so much.