Using Lightroom with KB Maestro and a MIDI Controller

Hi everyone,
I am a long time Mac Power Users and Automators listener and have been wanting to share this automation for quite some time. This is my first Keyboard Maestro project and I am still amazed at how well it works!

I use Lightroom (not Classic) to edit my images. I have always found dragging sliders with a pointer very clumsy and unintuitive. There is dedicated hardware with knobs and sliders for this (Loupedeck), but they always seemed quite expensive without really offering the layout I was looking for.

So I tried to make it work with an affordable MIDI controller (Behringer X Touch Mini) and Keyboard Maestro, and it works even better than I imagined. I made a clip (unlisted YouTube Video) to demonstrate it:

I have been using this setup for over two years now and it is rock solid. The Lightroom interface has changed once in that time, but adapting to that is not too much work.
If you are interested, I am happy to go into detail :slight_smile: