Using Hazel to email a PDF

I would like to purchase Hazel and one task that would make it an easy decision is that a few times a week I scan a multi page document for a charitable organization my wife works with. It has to be emailed to one of the coordinators of the volunteer time. I am wondering if there is a way to have the file automatically emailed to the coordinator. The renaming and moving seems simple enough, I just would love to have it automatically email the document as well. Any feedback on this specific need would be great. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think Hazel can do that unless you were to get into some sort of shell scripting solution for emailing files.

I could see Hazel doing everything up to the point of opening a “compose” window, but you’d need something like Keyboard Maestro to actually send the message.

If you use MailMate, you could actually automate this pretty easily using the “emate” tool:

But if you don’t already use MailMate, that’s probably not a viable option, I think it’s a $50 app. Totally worth it to me, but I’m a weirdo.

I don’t think there’s a similar solution for Maybe someone will come up with an AppleScript.

I assume you are using a desktop scanner.

If using Scanner Pro on iOS (great app, BTW) you can use its Workflow feature to do exactly what you want. The app allows you to setup an email workflow that at time of scan will send directly to a specified recipient(s).

Not as elegant as a desktop solution, but certainly cheaper! :grinning:

In general Hazel can but needs a small automator script to create and send the email. This is one of the topics covered in the Hazel Field Guide from macsparky as an example.

For example Apple Community - Set Automator to email an attachment once it is added to a folder. Command line utilities for mail might also be option should using the Mail app whilst you are working at your Mac cause operation issues.

Thank you all. I used the Hazel Field Guide and an automator script to accomplish this. Still really just getting started but this is something I do several times a month and now save a couple of minutes and a lot of clicks each time!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. THANK YOU!

Quick follow up: I’m using the same method [Launch Mail, New Email Message, Send Outgoing Mail]. However, I do not wish to have the folder it’s monitoring or it’s content added to the email. Is there a way I’m not seeing in Automator to prevent it from being added?