Using Get Contents of URL to post to Imgbb

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else, but I haven’t been able to find it. I want to add images to a row in AirTable, and the API only takes links to images. I found a site called, and I can post to it with an api call and send that url to AirTable to copy the image, and imgbb can auto delete the image in 5 minutes. The imgbb api documentation is here. The error I’m getting is shown below, as well as my Get Contents of URL action. Any help is appreciated!!

{“error”:{“message”:“Can’t get target upload source info”,“context”:“CHV\UploadException”,“code”:310},“status_txt”:“Bad Request”,“status_code”:400}

I’ve not got time to register and dig into it right now, but a couple of quick thoughts before I turn in for the night…

  1. Any chance your image is over 16Mb?
  2. Are you are using a beta version of Shortcuts, if so is this happening on a non-beta instance?
  1. No, I have a get details that says the pic I was using was 2.9 megs
  2. The non beta shortcuts is super crashy and I about can’t make it 30 seconds without a crash.

In the Form part of Get Contents of URL, when you added the image key, did you choose Text or File?

Choose Text if you’re using the base64-encoded value. Use File if you’re using the actual image.

@supermamon Thanks! I think there’s a bug in the beta shortcuts app. When I added a text entry to the form, it only gave me the option for a key, so I thought it was for something else, but if I added a second text entry, it gave me a slot for key and text, and that did it! I just had to add 2 text fields, use the second one and delete the first.