Using Exchange Calendars in Workflow

Hi! I really enjoyed the first episode and appreciated the Workflow workflows that Rosemary and David shared. I am having a problem though with getting Workflow to select my work Exchange calendar. I’d love to be able to use the Add to Work Calendar Workflow that David posted, but Workflow doesn’t appear to be able to select my Exchange Calendar. Does anyone have any tips? Many thanks.

How have you added your Exchange calendar? If it’s in the general account settings it should be selectable (mine is).

Thanks for your reply Rosemary. I’ve added my Exchange calendar in Settings/Acounts & Passwords. It shows up in th calendar app in the normal way along with the other accounts. So it appears in the list of calendars in Workflow but for some reason isn’t selectable.

When you say i is not selectable, do you mean that it does not appear in a list of available calendars at all or that when you tap on it you get an error, nothing happens, …?

Maybe a screen shot would help here?

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Hi, yes it’s the latter, when I select it nothing happens, it always defaults to the same calendar. Doesn’t happen when I select any other calendar in the list, just the Exchange one.
Screen shot…

That’s because it is using the name to select the calendar by, and it picks the first instance of the name “Calendar”. In typical use it’s expecting your calendars to be uniquely named. If you change one of the “Calendar” calendar names in your iOS settings so that they are then all uniquely named, that should sort things out.

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Personally I recommend changing the one that is not the Exchange calendar to another name - Exchange can go funny if you rename the default calendar (spent 3 hours trouble shooting some really weird issues with someone once when they renamed their calendar).

Thank you both very much! That sorted it and all works brilliantly. Changed the non-Exchange calendar. Really appreciate your time and help.