Using an old Mac Mini M1 as a home server - question about monitors

Hi there automators! I’ve just invested in a Mac Studio (it is an amazing machine) but I’d like to keep my Mac Mini as a home server, running plex, Hazel etc.

I have three monitors, and am currently using Synergy to manage this, all fine. However, what I’d like to do is be able to allow the Mac studio and the Mac Mini to share the leftmost monitor. Either an input switch, some capability of Synergy, or something I’ve not considered/thought of.

Very grateful for your thoughts and suggestions!

I have an HDMI switch on my desk that I use to switch one of my monitors between my desktop hub (I switch between my work PC and personal Mac on that), my Mac mini server, and a Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant (for when I need to do command line work on boot). It cost me about 10 or 12 GBP on Amazon and I’ve had similar setups with other similarly cheap switchers, with no issues.

A switch for whatever your image input is should suffice, but don’t forget you could VNC to your server too. That’s my normal approach and I only have the monitor hooked in for if th VNC connection fails - usually a sign it is time to reboot.

I have used Synergy across Windows and Mac before, and while it was great, VNC would be my first choice unless you are always going to have a monitor dedicated to your mini and your studio may be off.

Really good call Stephen, thanks for helping. That’s a great idea. I use Teamviewer already on it, so that’s a really good solution. I think I’ll go with the physical switch. After all, I’m not going to be using the Mac mini display much, it’s mainly to get access to set up new Hazel rules and so on.

Appreciate your advice (and indeed all the work you do for us automators, I’m just listening back to some old Relay FM podcasts so I’ve been listening to you a fair bit.)

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