Using an Eve Energy plug / shortcut to turn off my tumble dryer when finished?

Hi all,

in my head this seemed easy, however after receiving my Eve energy plug yesterday and messing with the automations section within Eve it doesn’t seem so straight forward. :thinking:

As per the subject title idea was for the Eve energy to monitor the consumption of the dryer and turn it off after it’s cycle. The initial trigger I could have with a switch perhaps, not sure?

Anyone else achieved this (I am sure there are many!!)


I used EVE Energy plugs to monitor my washing machine and tumble dryer but found that the tumble dryer in particular kept cutting out—eventually I realised it was the EVE plug overloading and stopping things. I’m not sure if you can turn it off based on power usage—but the draw at idle should be almost nothing anyway in my experience!

Thanks for the reply (love the show BTW!!)

I haven’t decided on the trigger yet, but I was going to just use Consumption <=0 (meaning when idle?)
However, I have been testing it on my TV which is only pulling 88w but the automation isn’t working when I turn off the TV?

I think it’s the initial trigger at fault as I mentioned. Honestly thought this would be an easy one, but I should have known better.

Can you share how you set up the notification for your washing machine? I heard someone mention it on one of the podcasts and so I purchased one for my washer, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to configure a notification.
I have another situation that I would also like to monitor, if possible. Our chest freezer is plugged into a GFCI outlet in our garage and last week, the circuit tripped, so the freezer was now basically unplugged. I have a thermometer inside it that has an alarm, but I only heard it because I happened to be in the garage. Similar to the alert when the power draw on the outlet has dropped to zero, is there any way to get an alert if the plug loses power or is disconnected? If the Eve plug or another can do that, then I will need to get one for the freezer too.