Using Alfred workflow to Search a database

Apologies in advance for what may be a basic question. I’d like to create a workflow that takes me to the results of a search query from an online database.

Doing the task manually (without Alfred), I would enter the database web address and go to the page. Once landing on the page, there is a search icon. If I type “/”, then the search bar will activate, and then I can type in the name of the person I am searching for.

I’d love to set up a workflow where all the above is automated … where I could type the keyword to reference the web page, then hit space and type in the name of the person I am searching for … hit enter … I am taken to that person’s exact record.

Hoping that makes sense! Any advice?

It depends on the site you’re searching.

You can see here that this functionality exists if the search effects the url.

What does the url look like after you pressed search? For example youtube search looks like this: so all we need to do is switch out the keyword to{query}.

@VictorBjorklund AHHHH. Based on your comment, I was able to figure it out! The query info was buried in the URL, but I got it. THANK YOU!

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