Useful resource for April if you're looking to gain or improve coding knowledge

The best thing of course is to be trying to solve a problem as you learn a programming environment… but for the month of April you can get free access to (I believe) all the content on Pluralsight. There’s a ton of stuff. Javascript of course is key for a lot of the more advanced tools around. Python is pretty darn useful too. And plenty of other things too. They don’t require a credit card or any spammy upsell stuff either.

Hoping it’s not an April fools joke, looks very interesting

I’ve enrolled and it looks great! thanks @jpantuso !

For sure. I wouldn’t pay for pluralsight (i think there is better value for the money elsewhere). But I found this teach in python machine learning: Janani Ravi | Profile. Sounds like an ad haha but she is just really good at teaching this concepts. I been disappointed with a lot of resources on machine learning since they tend to either be too theoretical which makes it hard to relate it actual skills or just “do what I say” but then you can’t replicate it. She found a great balance.

(Oh, and machine learning isn’t that hard. If you understand plus, minus, multiplication you can learn it. And it can be pretty useful).