Use sleep focus as an automation trigger

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I’m one of those people always running a focus mode. My primary options are work (for while at work), home (for while at home), and personal (for all other times). I usually use location triggers and network status to determine whether or not I’m at home or work, and all other times personal is triggered. However I ran into an issue last night when my sleep mode turned on at my scheduled time, but I wasn’t ready for bed yet so I turned it off. However, this left me focus-less! With all other focus modes, an automation can be triggered when they are switched off, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with the default sleep focus. Has anyone else encountered this or found a workaround?

One way would be not to turn off Sleep mode, but turn on your other focus mode (presumably home), thus turning off sleep that way. You could do this by long pressing on the activated lock screen and selecting the new focus mode from there (if your lock screens are associated with a focus mode) or from Control Centre.

Hope this helps.

Simple. I like it. Thanks!

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A somewhat similar problem I had was that when I manually triggered the sleep focus early then I was focus-less the next morning.

Normally the automatic sleep focus switches back to the previous focus after waking up. Took me a while to realize why the lock screen widgets were all wrong.