Use siri to append note to plain text file

I have a plain text file “inbox.txt” on my laptop where I write various tasks/ideas to later clarify.

I often have long drives where I can’t touch my phone (or use face ID), but I can talk aloud.

I would like to be able to use Siri to continuously add text to a single plain text file that I can then access on my laptop (even if that means I need to copy and paste the text into the Inbox.txt file on my laptop)

Would Drafts work for this?

It sounds simple but all solutions I’ve looked at are either complicated or clunky.

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There are definitely ways to do that but they all depend on your setup. I’ll make some assumptions to help move things along:

  • inbox.txt is available on either iCloud drive or Dropbox
    • If using iCloud drive, the laptop you’re using is a Mac
  • You’re comfortable using the Shortcuts app

Assuming the above is true, you could create a Shortcut like I’ve listed in the screenshot below, then invoke it with a Siri based trigger “Hey Siri, Save to inbox”

Let us know if this helps!


Thank you!!!

That was exactly what I was looking for :grinning:

It works perfectly! I really appreciate your help!!

Happy to help! The automation rabbit hole is deep, you’ve now taken the first steps!