Use Siri Shortcuts to Save Files from Procreate to iCloud

I have a simple shortcut to save files from Procreate to a folder on iCloud Drive. I’m getting an error:

Cannot load representation of type si.savage.procreate.document

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Have you tried it without the first action?
It should be unneeded as it’s the first action and so the doc is already the variable in memory, and it might be trying to get the doc in the wrong form.

Yes, I’ve tried without Get Variable action. The shortcut appears to work, but I never see a file actually saved to the destination.

The destination does exist as I’ve verified it in the Files app.

I tested using an image from Photos and the shortcut works. Looks like this is an issue with Procreate. I’ll reach outto their support team and see if this is a known issue.

Try passing the shared data from procreate to the content graph action to see what is being shared,

Shortcuts has to have a clear ‘understanding’ of what it is being passed to process it. Specifically, the content graph engine that underpins Shortcuts has to understand what data format it is processing and how to convert that into an appropriate file format.

Thanks for sharing that helpful tip to see what’s getting passed in. It looks like it’s passing in data that is not fully processed. I’m guessing when Procreate exports it’s own format and a PSD it finished the export processing as it writes the file to a location. Here are screenshots of what I’m seeing.