Use location of friend from Find My as destination for an ETA shortcut

I’m trying to to set up a shortcut that will grab my wife’s location as shared from Find My, grab my location, calculate a driving ETA between the two and send that as a text to said wife. When I set up an ETA block and click destination I can’t make it give me a list of people. I tried googling this but apparently I don’t know the magic incantation to type to get the answer I want. Surely I’m not the first person to try and pull this off.

I don’t think that’s possible
But I hope I am wrong, because I am curious how it could be done.

I am pretty sure Apple will lot let anyone access this type of location information - not even shortcuts.

this can be done manually, but not in Shortcuts.

You can do this from the find my app -> get route -> from maps -> share ETA

You’re not, but none of us succeeded either :slight_smile:

The closest I’ve been able to come to “automating” this is to start with Siri (“Where is my wife?”) which will trigger Find My for her, and then tap on it, and then tap on “Directions”, which will open Maps directions to her current location.

Calculating / sending the ETA would have to be a separate process.

Actually that’s an option in Maps;
tap the bottom bar that has the arrival time on it;
tap “share arrival” (at least that’s what it says in Dutch)
select a contact, send, and done