Use keyboard maestro to automate email in citric client

So my work makes me run a VDI using Citrix to get to a Windows 10 environment to run Outlook. I have templates I’d like to create in Keyboard Maestro to automate requests for leave and vacation etc. Is there a way to get KM to interact with Citrix to let me control Outlook?

You can probably send key presses to the Citrix app, but I wouldn’t expect Keyboard Maestro (KM) would be able to reference anything about the windows in the VDI which probably would complicate matters somewhat.

Is your VDI profile based / always assigned for your use? Or is it a generic desktop that you are dynamically allocated and have limited access in? If the former, perhaps you should look to automate from within the VDI using PowerShell or the like? It would give you a lot better control, just probably more difficult to put together than a typical KM solution.

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My VDI is profile based. I never know what server it will be on. Yeah I’ll probably have to look at Powershell if I have access to it! My work tends to lock things down to the point of not being usable. One of many reasons I will most likely leave my job in the not so distant future if I find a better alternative! Thanks for the idea though!

So I ended up just using record and then focusing on the citrix window. Then I used the keyboard shortcut for creating a new email in Outlook. Then I focused on each field and typed and hit tab to the next field. I tied it all to a keyboard trigger command option v. And it works. It’s a bit slow on playing back the typing and I had to put a pause in after I opened the new email before I typed.