Use a photo as shortcut icon on Home Screen?

Is it possible to use a photo as the icon for a shortcut that is on the Home Screen?

I’m making a few shortcuts for someone who’s memory is starting to slip. He does not remember how to use the phone app, so I want to put shortcuts on the Home Screen that will call specific family members. Ideally, the icon would be a photo of the person. Any way to do something like that? (second choice, can I add text to a glyph so it has the person’s name?)


When you select to add to home screen from the share sheet for the Shortcut, you get a preview screen.

Tap the bottom icon to choose an option for a photo to use as the icon.

Once selected, the preview updates and you can add.

Hope that helps.

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Is icon size a concern? If so, you could work with 2x2 widgets for bigger images. In that case, you could see if WidgetSmith, Widgy or Scriptable could generate you what you want. Tell us if you need anything with this.


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