Url to open apps

Is it possible with the Url parameter to open other iOS Apps.

I’m looking for open the

  • calendar
  • reminder

Thank you very much.

Try these:

  • calshow://
  • x-apple-reminderkit://

To state two beloved 3rd party replacements


Nearly every good app has them these days. Though those two have a bombastic easy to use interface/generator

Don’t forget to consider Deafts5 at getdrafts.com


Is there a url scheme for the Apple weather app or another weather app?
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Never seen one for Apple Weather, but dozens of weather apps out there with URL schemes. All comes down to what you want to use.

depending on your aims and skills you can get the weather from online services easily.

What is on your mind?

I find a way openweathermap.org
Thank you

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Great feel free to share your solution