URL link in stack not working

I have written a widget with multiple stacks (Weather, Stock Info, Calendar, Battery Level, etc).

I have set url links for all the stacks which work fine apart from my Stock Info stack.

It is only different in that it uses DrawContext to populate its content.

Can’t get the URL link to work and it looks just like the other stacks in its construct and positioning of the .url statement.

Any help appreciated.

I will try my best but without your code it is just guesswork.

  • your stack for the stocks has a size of 0x0. Give the stack a background color that stands out and see how big it is. Tap on that. Still doesn’t work?
  • your URL for the stocks stack is invalid
  • you’ve a typo when assigning the URL to the stack

As I’ve already written, without code it’s just guesswork.
If you do post your code, be sure to strip out any personal information that includes any API key that you’re using!