Url for entries in Contacts app

i’m struggling with getting the url for individual entries in the Contacts app in iOS. Can anyone help?

I don’t know if there is one in iOS. On t Mac, the address book: scheme… works, but Irrc, you have to use the contact’s unique identifier to retrieve a particular record.

I have some Keyboard Maestros scripts that use the identifiers, but I think via AppleScript, since it’s much more versatile. Shortcuts can also do some things with Contacts (and Scriptable does as well, but I haven’t used it). On iOS, that might be your best bet.

Thanks, I’m trying to put a link in Obsidian. I figured out how to use links between OmniFocus, DEVONthink, Excel, and others. You’d think it would be more easily done for Contacts.

Are you on the phone or Mac? This is how I link to contacts in plain text (using nvUltra — I’m still just dabbling with obsidian right now):

[First Last](addressbook://7EFCE406-7969-4182-83ED-5A88D124CB710:ABPerson)

(I changed some random digits, and that’s a unique identifier, so it won’t work, but it gives you an idea of the format.)

No idea how you’d do this on the phone, because I don’t have obsidian mobile. But the original link I copied, despite referring to a card in my contacts, does NOT work on my iPhone.

If your use case is purely iOS, why not make a shortcut that does it, and use the shortcuts URL scheme to run it. Would that work? Just thinking out loud.

Thanks for your input. I’ll try the shortcut route. Apple shouldn’t make it so difficult.

If you have Keyboard Maestro, check out Copy as Markdown Link. If you want to convert these markdown links to a rich links, the you might also like Create Rich Link from Markdown Link.

I just tested both for an address book entry – they worked as expected.

It is worth noting that Contact identifiers on both iOS and Mac are not stable. They are created for a contact locally when it is synced to your device, so will not be the same for the same contact between your devices, or if they are ever re-synced…so I would not rely on them as permanent links to a contact.

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Yikes — I had no idea about that. I wrote my contact actions to use with a folder of markdown notes that I use on two machines. But I guess I haven’t relied on it enough to run into problems. (It turns out it’s more intuitive to hit a key combination to search Contacts by name when I need to, than to click a link in my notes…)

If you have Cardhop by flexibits, they have a url scheme that allows access to individual entries.

flexibits url scheme support page

This allows such links as show a contact, but also call, message and mail

For example:


Hope this helps.


I don’t know about any URLs for this, but what are you hoping to achieve when you have the URL…?

I use Obsidian and would like to use a URL link to add a iOS Contacts link to notes about people I interact with.

I do this with links for DEVONthink files, iOS Books, Omnifocus tasks, emails, etc. I don’t understand why there aren’t URL links for Apple Contacts.

ah - ok, there is a way to create a shortcut to the contact ‘card’ but it seems to be a slightly reduced version and doesn’t include the notes / any ability to add to them…sorry

I’m interested, how does it work?

if you create a new shortcut with a ‘Contacts’ action (you can then pick the specific contact you want to target), followed by a ‘Quick Look’ action. When you run it you’ll get a card pop up with the contact details - where you can trigger a call, message, email etc…