Uploading a file to a FTP server

Is have a small webserver I sometimes need to upload files to via ftp.

Are there any apps on iOS that can upload files to a specific folder?
I am currently using FileBrowser but this requires me to select the destination manually.

Workflow can’t do that, Transmit isn’t available anymore. I haven’t played around with Draft yet but from looking at but by looking at the documentation this isn’t possible there as well.

Any starting points?

Where is your file starting, in an iOS app or in some storage provider? Where is it going to in terms of platform? Is it plain text? Is it FTP or is it maybe SFTP?

Pythonista has an FTP library so you can get very specific with what you want to do.

Coda from Panic (Transmit’s authors) has remarkably similar looking transfer functionality to Transmit. I don’t have it myself bit it may be worth a look.

There are other clients, but I got Transmit and haven’t had a need to try anything else. Though I do have WebSSH and that has an option to favourite folder paths. Is that close but no cigar?

You FTP host may be able to do things like watch a Dropbox folder that might give you another way to get the file to your host and then move it into place.

Likewise if you have an always on Mac you could save your file there via say iCloud and have the Mac make the update over FTP. More control required and you could trigger a script via SSH (e.g. via Workflow) to batch things up for example.

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You can actually do this via SSH directly:

(Keep reading that thread, there’s a link where Ari explains it on Reddit!)

Caveat there is if there’s SSH to the host and there’s access for the account to the FTP folder structure. SFTP is FTP over SSH, but FTP is not over SSH … hence my query about the protocol.

Does this SSH approach in Workflow/shortcuts work for binary files? That’s why I asked about plain text?

I’ve seen all sorts of file transfers trash files on the way when the file type has been wrongly set. Characters get transformed on the way across. Does this approach cope with that?


It actually is SFTP so SSH and I want to transmit text files (at least as a start). My use case would be uploading markdown files from Ulysess. I’d prefer to use something from a share sheet.

I’d prefer to avoid that but that’s an option I hadn’t considered.

Pythonista might be the best option, time to refresh my Python skills.

@RosemaryOrchard’s reference to the script action in Workflow would probably be quicker and easier to implement if it is just text files and you have SSH access (to the right folder).

But Python’s fun too and might be worth the effort if you have more to do after that. It’s always worth refreshing coding skills if the chance arises :sunglasses:


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Thank you!