Upload Photo to Airtable via Shortcuts?

Hello! Is there any way to upload a photo to Airtable via Shortcuts? For example, I have an Airtable base for tracking business expenses. I can add a record to that base via Shortcuts. I’d love to take a photo of the receipt and upload that photo to an attachments field as part of the shortcut. Is this possible? Thank you!

It looks like the Airtable API will allow you to upload an image as an attachment, but it requires the image to first be available at a publicly accessible URL.

That may or may not be something you want to do, I guess, depending on the use case. However, I’m afraid how to save an image from Shortcuts to such a URL falls outside my realm of immediate knowledge. It seems like something that would be possible, though.

Just thinking out loud: Would url encoding the picture work?
It would give you a reversible text string to put into airtable?

Something like this


To decode reverse via similar shortcut and “decode” option

What you have in the Shortcut is Base64 encoding, not URL encoding.

Will a Base64 string display as an image in Airtable like an uploaded image would? Certainly it adds the additional decode step you mention for any download.

base64 encode indeed, sorry. type there

I took the problem to be the upload, uploading a text string is a lot easier.
and decode can be used to do a local “rebuild”

Thanks for the tip! This is way outside my realm of knowledge, but it is good to know what I need to do even if I don’t know how to do it.

I think Airtable would take that as a string but not decode it. I appreciate the idea though!