[Update] Unofficial Keyboard Maestro CLI

TLDR: https://github.com/Nosrac/KeyboardMaestroCLI


An unofficial command line utility for interfacing with Keyboard Maestro. Currently only supports running macros.

Usage Example:

km run "Display Notification" -p "Yippity Doo!"


Name or ID of the script to run


-p, --parameter
Parameter to pass to your script
-h, --help Show help information.


  enable                  Enables a macro
  disable                 Disables a macro
  macros                  List your macros
  groups                  List your macro groups
  variables               List your variables
  variable                Query, edit, delete variables
  raw                     Executes a raw script via XML

Is the only advantage over the existing script trigger just the brevity of the command?

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Yep. Apple announced their ArgumentParser for Swift library and I wanted to try something out.

It’s possible in the future I could add additional commands.

FYI, I went ahead and added several more subcommands. The most useful addition IMO is you can now set variables.